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Custom Health Plans Available for your Pet


Optional Membership Plans

Here at Kama‘aina Pet Hospital, our membership plans are designed to provide pet families with value for service. We understand the need to budget for yearly veterinary care and anticipate unexpected medical emergencies. Our plans offer veterinary care at affordable monthly payments.

As a member of our hospital you will benefit from our free medical treatments, discounts, and convenient services. Our loyalty plans are designed to provide pet families with quality medical care while providing perks and special privileges for our valued clients. We are a family owned business and we consider our pet families to be a part of our Ohana.

We offer your choice of three different plans: Aloha, Kama'aina, and Ali'i. Each plan is a package of services and discounts that vary depending on your yearly membership and monthly fees. You choose the plan that best fits your lifestyle and budget.

Our Plans:

BluePaw Aloha (Basic Membership Plan)
OrangePaw Kama'aina (Intermediate Membership Plan)
YellowPaw Ali'i (Premiere Membership Plan)

The chart below compares the services for each plan. A Paw Print in the box under the plan name indicates coverage. If a service does not have a paw print under the plan name then that service is not covered. A white paw with a blue background indicates coverage for the Aloha Plan, a white paw with an orange background indicates coverage for the Kama'aina Plan, and a black paw with a gold background indicates coverage for the Ali'i Plan.


For more information contact us at 808-373-3911